Hands-free jogging or walking pet leash.

Hi, I’m Jeff Flancer. I invented the waggle dog hands-free dog leash because I couldn’t find a lightweight and simple configuration that worked for my dog runs w/ my pal Sherlock.

Walk or run hands free, easily!

  • Lightweight (4.25 oz), waggle won’t slow you and your dog down. Both belt & leash are adjustable and tested for 100’s of dog runs & counting.
  • Adjustable leash (3’-5’) and adjustable waist band fits up to 38” waist.
  • Tested on dogs up to 50 lbs.  Come on, get out there and run with your best friend on 4 legs, you both deserve it.
  • Waggle brand dog leases are made right here in America!
  • $21.65 includes tax & shipping in the US. Save over $2 by paying and picking up at either restaurant!