They make me feel like I’m an old friend, and the food is amazing.

I don’t really have many friends here in the valley as I travel here for work, but I have to say the people at Flancer’s Mesa are some of the best people you could meet. So friendly, and so personable. They make me feel like I’m an old friend, and the food is amazing. The only problem I have with this restaurant, is trying to determine if the service, food, or atmosphere is the best aspect of the Flancer’s experience.


The best sandwich I have had in the valley.

Okay, it was the best! I don’t normally take the time to write about food, but Flancer’s does serve the best sandwich I have had in the valley. I ordered the “club”, and it was great. Service was great and I will come back soon. Thanks for a great time. Oh, by the way, my server was Amanda.

-Tom E

We are hooked!

I had the chocolate mousse pie with the cookie crust last night and it was incredible. I think for us chocolate lover’s, that should be on the menu all the time! Thanks for all the great food. We are new Gilbert residents from North Phoenix and are so glad we found your restaurant. We are hooked!

-Bill & Debbie J

The Valentine’s menu for 2011 was amazing. The best yet. We have been doing the holiday meals since 2006. Our favorite part of the meal was the salad this year the dressing was very unique.

-Bonnie D

Vibes of Veggie with Coleslaw. Oh my gosh!

My friend came to town and on her way to my home she called to ask if she could bring home lunch. I told her “Yes, a SUB sandwich would be great and I wanted a veggie sandwich.” Well she stopped by your restaurant on Higley and McKellips and she ordered for herself a Chile Verde Birdie with a side of potato salad and for me your Vibes of Veggie with Coleslaw. Oh my gosh!!!!!! To die for! We both enjoyed our sandwiches so much. The fresh bread was awesome. From this day forward we will be getting our sandwiches from Flancer’s. Thank you so much for great food. We are anxious to come over for dinner and try some other great sounding meals. Your menu has something for everyone.

-Linda S., Mesa

Best philly cheese steak in the Valley… bar none.

If I’ve eaten here 100 times, I’ve had the philly 99 times. I tried the calzone once… it was good, but it simply didn’t match the philly in flavor. The vinyl albums on the wall and the classic rock playing in the background add to the atmosphere.

-Bob G

Our [Easter] dinner was excellent!

The flavor was actually exciting and so easy to follow the instructions. The portions were generous in size. What really captured our taste buds was the Green Chile Scalloped Potatoes; however we enjoyed everything from start to finish. Usually, we invite guests to our home for leg of lamb with an orange wine sauce. I make everything from scratch including a fresh strawberry pie. This year, since we are leaving shortly on a trip, we decided to have guests later, for the lamb, and to try your catering. I would recommend your food to anyone who would listen. It has been the easiest holiday that I can remember, and I say a hearty “Thank you”.

-Sincerely, Charles and Mary M

Great sandwiches and pizza!

We recommend it to our friends & neighbors here in Mesa. Each time we visit, I try a different sandwich. All great so far!

-Thanks much, Joice L

The fanciful names are delightful.

Love your sandwiches. We’ve been to the Higley location twice. The fanciful names are delightful. We’ve decided we need to come and work our way through the entire sandwich menu because they all sound so good. The half-sandwich with soup is just right for us. No nasty clam container to take home the other half of soon-to-be-soggy sandwich. Your servers have been terrific. Kudos all around. I’m going to post a favorable review on our HOA Yahoo group. I’ve never figured out a way to eat Fr. onion soup with any sophistication, so keep the lights low.

-Lorna M

Still the best place in town.

That [sandwich special] pepper jack steak sandwich was a keeper. Also have loved your [special] seafood items as well. Nothing is bad on your menu, so I will never be dissatisfied when eating at Flancer’s. Still the best place in town.

-Tom S

Won’t be a stranger anymore.

I’m only sorry that this was my first meal at Flancer’s. Had the Tenderloin is the Night salad; great dressing, plentiful portion and nice presentation. Service was excellent and crew personable and friendly. Won’t be a stranger anymore.

-Best Regards, Cory T

The best pastrami sandwich I have ever tasted!

Hi Jeff, My name is Ted. I lived in Arizona for 17 years before moving back to my homeland 5 years ago, here in the Pacific Northwest. I visit Phoenix about once a year and people think I am crazy when I drive out to your restaurants in Mesa and Gilbert for a pastrami sandwich. In short, you serve the best pastrami sandwich I have ever tasted! This includes a long list of cities in the good ole” USA over the years whom I have visited that claim they serve the best pastrami sandwich. I live in Seattle where many culinary experts lay claim to various foods. I have yet to find a pastrami sandwich that rivals the one you serve. Just as important, I notice that you somehow manage to hire great people, and have a great menu and atmosphere without investing too much money. Very different from the status quo. You have figured out something there. If you ever decide to expand (and who would want the headaches?), I would be willing to put up some capital to start a Flancer’s in the Seattle area. Just a thought, but what the heck. Keep it going.

-All the best, Ted

Absolutely loved your sandwiches!

Hey Jeff, Someone catered lunch for us yesterday at our Physical Therapy clinic here in Sun City West and they brought Flancer’s sandwiches. Every single one of us absolutely loved your sandwiches! Ever considered a west valley location – possibly Surprise?!? Keep up the great work!

-Sincerely, Kevin F., PT

Our food was the best!!!

Jeff, My family and I have been in Arizona for 5 years and could not find a sandwich shop that compared to back east. I read an article in the Gilbert paper about your restaurant a few months back. My family and I are on vacation this week and decided to stay home and check-out our town. Today was the first time we ate at Flancer’s. Our server was Sean who was awesome! Our food was the best!!! I repeat we ate everything and drank the fresh squeezed lemonade. After finishing my meal I went to my dentist appointment and told others about your restaurant. Thank You for letting us experience a little of back home today. We will surely be visiting again. -Thanks;

-Renee, Kenneth, Kenneth and Kevon O.

Happy Dance today…

Hey Jeff, Just wanted to take a minute to tell you how good Jimmy [in Gilbert] is to us. I honestly did a Happy Dance today in your parking lot when I saw today’s special, too (by the way). The family is growing and babies and kids are now involved in our dining experience. James and his group are always super nice to us and take GREAT care of us! I thought it was time I send you some positive feedback. We love your restaurant, and don’t miss a week coming in (sometimes it’s more than that). I know James and his group are a big reason why . . . oh and the great food. What it boils down to: Flancer’s is our favorite place and James (and Ben and Myke and others) really make us feel special when we come in.

-Eric and Christa L

One amazing chef!

My name is Ashley, I worked in Gilbert for a while and my FAVORITE day of the week was when the crew ordered Flancer’s! I have NEVER enjoyed a meal like that of the green chile turkey, or chile verde birdie as you now call it. Honestly- I have never found a better sandwich. I have been back as often as I can while in the area, but I am too far now. I moved to North Scottsdale…I miss the atmosphere…I have dragged my friends and family to Flancer’s many times raving about the incredible sandwiches! PLEASE consider building a Flancer’s in Scottsdale!!!!! You are one amazing chef!


The food was sooooo fresh.

My name is Jennifer S. I just wanted to say I FINALLY got the chance to visit your restaurant, and the food…service (we had Ben) was outstanding. Ben had a wonderful personality and was awesome! It’s been a long time since we have had good service and I wanted to let you know that. Flancer’s is one of our FAVORITE places to eat, now. The food was sooooo fresh, we ate dinner there 2 nights in a row! =) The cherry cobbler is to die for. My daughter is pretty picky, too, but she loved the pizza!!!!! So, I just thought I would drop you a line and tell you and your staff, THANK YOU, for the delightful experience & excellent service.

-Jennifer S