The best pastrami sandwich I have ever tasted!

Hi Jeff, My name is Ted. I lived in Arizona for 17 years before moving back to my homeland 5 years ago, here in the Pacific Northwest. I visit Phoenix about once a year and people think I am crazy when I drive out to your restaurants in Mesa and Gilbert for a pastrami sandwich. In short, you serve the best pastrami sandwich I have ever tasted! This includes a long list of cities in the good ole” USA over the years whom I have visited that claim they serve the best pastrami sandwich. I live in Seattle where many culinary experts lay claim to various foods. I have yet to find a pastrami sandwich that rivals the one you serve. Just as important, I notice that you somehow manage to hire great people, and have a great menu and atmosphere without investing too much money. Very different from the status quo. You have figured out something there. If you ever decide to expand (and who would want the headaches?), I would be willing to put up some capital to start a Flancer’s in the Seattle area. Just a thought, but what the heck. Keep it going.