Jeff Flancer

Favorite color: Seafoam green

After almost 22 years after founding and owning Flancer’s, I have officially retired! Shane Lindsey is the new owner, and plans to keep the same great food and service you have expected all this time. 

Thanks to everyone, from my dedicated staff to all the greatest customers, I am grateful as heck to have had such an amazing time running and enjoying what we built together these past many years! 



My name is Jeff Flancer, Founder of Flancer’s in April 2000. I am a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, N.Y.

In the 80’s I was a Chef working from restaurants at the Inner Harbor of Baltimore to the finest French restaurants in Los Angeles. In 1990 I moved to Santa Fe, N.M., a spiritual hub with authentic southwest culture and cuisine. I owned my restaurant there, for 9 years before happily moving to Phoenix in 2000; we’ve been rockin’ taste buds in AZ since then!

I have served on the AZ Restaurant Association as a board member for many years. I enjoy water sports of all kinds and especially sailing. I hope to one day sail around the world, I’m working on it. 

My artistic & talented older son Gaffney is currently living abroad after mastering in Japanese studies. He’s into Japanese Anime, multiple languages and art. Look for his name on the menu! My younger son Max passed away in 2014, his life sadly cut way too short.

I would like to thank my excellent and worthy staff for the huge part they play, every day, in making us what we are known for: Making gourmet grub with a unique twist on new & old favorites, peppered with friendly service, in a quaint neighborhood eatery.

Our daily mission is to “Elevate the taste buds of everyday folks!”, so get yourself elevated today!

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