Flancer’s homemade Bread

There are so many reasons to fall in love with the Flancer’s restaurants.  Prickly pear chicken, Philly cheesesteak and It’s about thyme but there is one thing that after 4 years of working here that I can’t stop talking about and that is the homemade bread.

We make the dough and bake it here in house every day.  When I was hired on in 2012 I had never made bread from scratch before. I was very excited to learn something new.  There are many things that go into making the perfect dough.  Making sure the water temperature is perfect so the yeast will rise correctly.  You need to mix it just enough so the dough doesn’t get tough and over worked.  Everything needs to be measured exactly.  These are the things that our Chef’s do every day to make sure that your sandwich bread and pizza dough is perfect down to the last bite.

Now after almost 4 years I still get excited to talk to the guests every day about our homemade baguettes and hand tossed pizza dough.  So next time you are at Flancer’s, make sure you try our bread and see what a difference freshly baked bread makes.

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