Five Facts You Might Not Know About the World of Competitive Eating

The event everyone has been waiting for has finally arrived. Fun for the whole family, the 16th Annual Charity Pizza Eating Contest will be held at Flancer’s on Sunday, April 10th!

To get you in the mood for the ultimate in eating competitions, we have five facts you might not know about the world of competitive eating. Read on!

Competitive Eating is a REAL Sport!

Although you by all means don’t need to be a pro to enter at Flancer’s, there are pros who regularly compete in competitive eating. There are actually two major leagues, the International Federation of Competitive Eaters, and the Association of Independent Competitive Eaters. Neither league accepts participants under the age of eighteen for safety reasons, but competitive eaters are actually athletes who train at their skill. The events are extremely well organized, with medical staff on hand, just in case.

It’s More Then Just Hot Dogs!

Attended by more than 6,000 spectators, the Fourth of July hot dog eating contest at Coney Island is probably the most well known competitive eating contest out there. But it is by all means not the only one! Other popular competitions include pizza, Vienna sausages, beef brisket, hot wings, and pulled pork. If you like your fare to be a little healthier, you can compete to eat the most cabbage or fruit. And for desert, you can even complete to eat the most birthday cake!

Competitive Eaters Never Sit Down

At least not while they’re competing! Sitting down compresses the abdomen, making it more difficult to consume large quantities of food. The best form is always standing up and allowing yourself space to move around.

“Chipmonking” is a Strategy

In a competitive eating contest, whatever the participant gets into his/her mouth before regulation is over counts towards winning. They do have to swallow it within 30 seconds after, but in order to gain advantage; eaters will fill every corner of their mouth with food, which is known in the field as ‘chipmonking.’ The real pros know that this strategy is sometimes the difference between winning and losing!

Competitive Eating is Not For the Faint of Heart

In case you were considering competitive eating as your next endeavor, be aware that it’s not easy. Joey Chestnut, best known as the hot dog eating champion of the world, admits that when competing in hot wing eating contests, he even eats the bones! He goes through a wing every 3-4 seconds, and sometimes that means a bone or two slips by. Nothing is too serious for Chestnut, whose hot wing eating record is 144 wings in 10 minutes.

But don’t fret if competitive eating isn’t in your future. Anyone can enter Flancer’s 16th Annual Charity Pizza Eating Contest! Last year we raised over $30,000 with your help, and we are looking to top that this year!

It’s easy to enter! Simply give us a call or sign up in person. Participants will receive an awesome t-shirt and the chance to be crowned the winner by Miss Arizona and Mayor John Lewis! Winners not only get bragging rights, but also a cool trophy and a $100 Flancer’s Gift Card!

Sign up today, since space is limited. We can’t wait to see you!

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