Victor Martinez
Favorite Color – Green
Lead Cook – Start date May 30th, 2012


Hi I’m Victor!
Over the years of working with Flancer’s I have gone through many favorite sandwiches, but by far my favorite would have to be the classic turkey. When I’m not hard at work Rockin’ the taste buds of east Mesa I spend my time at home with my daughter, playing video games watching movies and television.

Favorite Color – Pink
Server/Asst. GM – Start date March 21, 2014

Hello my name is Itzel, but a lot of my friends call me Izzy. I have been working at Flancers since March 21, 2014. I am an Assistant manager. On my free time I like to go hiking and outdoor activities. My favorite Flancers sandwich is the steak it to the limit, I like it with all the works on it, it’s so yummy. So next time you come in make sure you say Hi

Favorite Color – Purple
Server/Mgr. – Start date May 22, 2015

Hello! My name is Hannah, and I have been with the Flancer’s Family since May 2015. In my free time I love relaxing with friend and family and of course, shopping! My favorite sandwich is currently The It’s About Thyme Chicken Sandwich. I hope to see you around soon

Angela Norman
Favorite Color – Pink
Lead Cook – Start date March 7, 2017

I’m a Single mother of 3 amazing kids. I enjoy being a Mother and I know I’m good at it. 🤗 I have a passion for cooking and love to bake. I spend a lot of my night watching Netflix after work, I just can’t get enough of these new series they have these days. My 2-main focuses in life are my family, in the time I spend with my kids, and my place of work. I am a very hard worker and still up for new challenges. One of the biggest characteristics about myself is that I’m a very giving person and try to help those in need. It feels good to bring joy and somebody else’s life.


Kourtney Guess
Favorite colors: Turquoise
Server – Start date: April 21, 2017

My name is Kourtney, and I’ve been with Flancer’s in Mesa since April 21, 2017.  When I’m not here, I’m at my full time Mommy job.  I have a beautiful princess who loves to be outdoors just as much as I do.  In our free time, you can catch us hiking or by the pool.  In my free time, I love to paint, cook, and dance.  My favorite Flancer’s sandwich is the Ace of Clubs; all that fresh lunch meat, and … BACON!!! : )  Come in and give it a try!  And make sure to say hi!

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