Greg Ringel
Favorite color: Blue
General Manager – Start Date: March 19, 2006


Hello! Welcome to Flancer’s in Gilbert! My name is Greg. I’ve served as the Kitchen Manager/Chef for over 5 years at our original Gilbert landmark, and General Manager of our Mesa store for 2 years. I am now the General Manager of our Gilbert neighborhood location! I’m really excited to be working with such a fabulous and friendly staff! I’m looking forward to meeting all the “fans of Flancer’s” we already have and making as many new “Flancer addicts” as possible! “Exceptional food and Great service equals an incredible dining experience”.

Please stop by or call and get it to-go! Either way I look forward to meeting you! Thank-You, Greg

Myke Jones
Favorite color: Blue or Black
Asst. GM/Server – Start Date: Nov. 18, 2002


Hello! I’m Myke assistant GM/server. On November 18th, 2012 I will celebrate my 10th year at Flancer’s and have worked over 3,100 shifts to date a mark I am very proud of. I’ve met some great people that I have the pleasure to serve that I call friends too. In my spare time I love watching sports; especially the NFL and I love to read. History and biographies are my favorites. I love to travel too. Tell me where you’ve been or are going when you come in!

Ben Dubasik
Favorite color: Green
Server/Asst. Mgr. – Start Date: Dec. 7, 2003

Gilbert-BenDI’ve been a server at Flancer’s since 2003. I also bring a culinary background having earned my degree. I love working with my fellow team members and the thrill of the rush. I enjoy cooking in my off time and trying new dishes, different wines, crafted beers and great scotch. I hope to see you in soon.

Manuel Espinoza
Favorite colors: Black & White
Lead Cook – Start Date: Jan, 28 2003


I like to play soccer and I like to go to the gym to keep in shape. I also love to spend my time with my family. At work I like to give 110%, I like the people at Flancer’s because they are team players.

Jacinta Santillan
Favorite color: Blue
Sous Chef – Start Date: Jan. 3, 2001


I like to spend time with my kids and help them with their homework. I like to clean my house and go shopping too. I love working at Flancer’s because my opinions and ideas are noticed and used. They make me feel important. I also have good friends and an excellent boss with a big heart.

Nick Cook
Favorite Color: Green
Dishwasher – Start date: August 8, 2012


My name is Nick. I enjoy riding my bike and watching old horror movies in my spare time. Starting soon, I will be going back to school to get a degree in theater or communications. My hope is to become an actor, voice actor, or a radio show host. I’ve been coming to Flancer’s for nine years now, since I was ten years old. I fell in love with the food here as I took the first bite of pizza and I’ve been hooked ever since. I greatly enjoy working here.

Lot Saffery
Favorite Color: Green
Server- Start date: August 8, 2012


Aloha, name is Lot Saffery. I’m from Oahu, Hawaii born and raised. I recently moved to Arizona in late 2012 before joining the Flancer’s family. I really enjoy spending with my family and friends and taking my dog out to the park to hang out. ‘Ill be looking forward to see y’all at Flancer’s! Thanks for your support!

Natasha Americano
Favorite Color: Green
Server/Asst Mgr. – Start date: August 16, 2012


Wife, mother, organic wholefoodist. Believes in a renewable lifestyle. Enjoys anything outdoors, especially in the autumn time.

Loves antiquing, road trips, blogging, and experiencing different cultures through food, dance and language.

Angelique O’Donnell
Favorite color: Purple
Server – Start date: July 22, 2014


Hello my name is Angelique O’Donnell, I’ve been with Flancer’s since July 2014 and love every minute of it. When I’m not here having the pleasure of serving the best customers, I’m usually at home with my husband, four kids, four cats, three dogs, three chickens, and my bird, having barbecues, swimming, baking, cooking or just doing stuff together. I love spending my time with close friends and family! My favorite quotes are “be the change you would like to see” and “happy girls are the prettiest.”

Alyssa Wilson
Favorite colors: Black and Chartreuse
Server – Start date: April 23, 2015

Artist, photographer, amateur botanist and entomologist. Lover of music, cooking, reading and exploring the natural world. In school pursuing a degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis in graphic design. Avid traveler and record collector.

Always spinning: Sonic Youth, Jessica Lea Mayfield, The B-52’s, Girls, The Ramones, Black Sabbath, and Badfinger.

Devin Chosa
Favorite colors: Purple
Line Cook – Start date: May 26, 2015

I have been a line cook at Flancer’s since May of 2015. Its nice to work here because the staff is full of fun, easy-going people. They are enjoyable to work with as well as the job itself. I work hard and I do my best to keep food quality at it’s best. Outside of work I am a pretty active guy. I enjoy sports and outside activities but I enjoy being around my family and friends the most.

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