Highlights from our 16th Annual Charity Pizza Eating Contest.


It was a Close One

And the winner is Matthew Smith who ate 16 1/2 slices in 15 minutes! 2nd runner up was Mike Ciccarelli and he ate 16 1/4 slices.

And the winner is Matthew Smith who ate 16.5 slices in 15 minutes!

Matthew Smith.







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2015 Winner: The Grand Prize Winner of the 2015 pizza eating contest, and retaining his title from 2014 is: Gus won the pizza eating contest for a 3-peat! He ate 2 extra large pizzas in a bit over 14 minutes! What a mess, but he did clean up after himself, thanks Gus. Looks like we raised over $30,000 with your help. Wow!! Thank you for all your support everyone and our Sponsors!



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