Calling all Pizza lovers, this event was made for you!

Are you the next Flancer's Pizza eating Champ? Flancer’s Gourmet Grub is hosting their 17th annual pizza eating contest on April 9th 2017 at their Mesa location at 1902 North Higley Road in Mesa, Arizona. Registration is at 2:15pm and contest starts at 3:00pm. The Winner will be the first contestant to down 2 extra-large [...]

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Why Do We Carve Jack-o-Lanterns For Halloween?

With all the seriousness and negativity in the media this season we thought we would bring to you a little exposé on a strange legend. But have you ever wondered where the tradition of carving the pumpkin to make a jack-o-lantern came from? What first prompted revelers to scoop out the insides of a pumpkin [...]

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Who said coloring was just for kids!

I'm sure most everyone now is aware of the adult coloring craze. Newsflash ~ Coloring is said to reduce stress! Here at Flancer's we are all about creating a fun atmosphere with community, awesome food and having a good time. If you would like to download our coloring page, go ahead and do so by [...]

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Five Fantastic Facts for Father’s Day Fun!

Summer is upon us, and along with the longer, lazier days just perfect for hanging with the family comes the opportunity to celebrate the daddies in our lives. This June, families everywhere will be honoring the men in their lives who have long stood for stability and strength of family ties. While some dads will [...]

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Fun Facts About Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day is the perfect time to honor all of the moms, aunts, and grandmothers who have always helped us to flourish in life. There’s nothing in this world like the unconditional love of a mother, and although we appreciate them every day, Mother’s Day offers us a special opportunity to remind them just [...]

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Super Bowl Catering Plus Six Interesting Facts!

Super Bowl - Food and Facts They say that baseball is America’s pastime, but this time of year you might never guess that, since all eyes are on the biggest stage in sports, celebrating football! The Super Bowl is nearly here, and along with the big game comes lots of opportunities for fun with friends [...]

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Did You Know? Six Fun Facts About the Christmas Season

December is upon us, and tis the season for merrymaking and gathering with beloved friends and family. Everybody loves a beautiful display of holiday lights strung upon the house, or the warm glow of the Christmas tree in the living room, but those are only the most familiar of traditions. Today we have six lesser-known [...]

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Join us for a pre-Halloween meal before you devour candy!

October is upon us, and now is the time to celebrate the macabre and gear up for a night of tricks and treats on Halloween. Kids and adults alike will be dressing up and haunting the streets, enjoying the spoils Halloween has to offer. And what would Halloween be without everybody’s favorite sweet treats- candy? [...]

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Want Something More Exciting Than One of 150 Million Hotdogs?

It’s the Fourth of July, a time for all Americans to gather and celebrate the independence of our great nation. Most citizens know the basic history behind this much beloved holiday, but the celebration has some fascinating behind the scenes facts behind it. So this Independence Day, when you’re gathering under the stars for an [...]

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Father’s Day at Flancer’s

Father’s Day is fast approaching and families everywhere are gearing up to celebrate the special men in their lives. But did you know that the path to having an official Father’s Day wasn’t easy? The nation’s first “Father’s Day was proclaimed on July 19, 1910 by the governor of Washington, but it was not until [...]

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